Thursday, March 12, 2009


Can't believe I just now heard about this band! Refreshingly sweet and jangly tunes. Labelmate Sufjan wrote a glowing and eloquent review for their album last year. It was a joy to read.

"Yes, of course I revel in the busy ambition of songwriters who seek to challenge themselves to endless boundaries, to jump fences, to scale large mountains. But what is the effort all about? Cryptacize yield to no such ambitions. They make music that is refreshingly coherent, stewed with deliberate melodies, a refinement of instrumentation, no excess, nothing wasted, nothing lost. Their new record “Dig That Treasure” offends many of my own musical impulses, the over-achieving bigger-is-better-shock-and-awe approach. Obviously I’m not offended, but rather in complete admiration of the band’s minimalist gorgeousness. These songs are not trifles, but rather cryptic haiku poems that expand toward a vast cosmic significance. But one doesn’t have to be a cartographer to appreciate these songs. Their surfaces shimmer to the ear, like magic crystals hanging in the windowsill..."

Notable songs from their latest album, Mythomania:
Tall & Mane
Blue Tears

Img source: Kirstiecat's photostream

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marylamb said...

gurl. gurl. i got my little socrates from townlake animal shelter. best thing ever. also, i am glad you enjoy my silly candid photos.