Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Before musing over the Texas Executive Authority

For the sweet: "Camera Shy" - The Lucksmiths

I'd really like a MAXI Swatch, a huge watch for the wall. It would really make our house special. Of course, they aren't making them anymore and are worth $100+. For a plastic clock! I may have to settle for the regular sized one then. How's this? It's a reissue style from 1993. So are we moving towards the 90's now? They have a Maxi version too. Sweet!

Funny how your perspective of a peer changes once you find out that they are older/younger than you are. It shouldn't?

In the movie Robots, the thing I remember best is the scene where a male robot accidentally goes into a women's restroom and makes a ruckus. But what I noted was that the sign on the male bathroom was an electric plug and the sign on that of the female was an outlet. Clever. It seemed pretty suggestive to me, though.

I finished rereading To Kill A Mockingbird yesterday at work. So in essence, I was getting paid do it. Most people probably had to read it in jr. high, and back then, I did not get all the hype and more importantly, the message. I spent most of thinking time getting annoyed with Scout probably, a baby in my terms. I like it better now. Has anyone seen the Oscar-winning film? There's something about me not being able to completely understand and get small town southern society. It's a pretty common backdrop of a lot of classic novels. My loss, I guess.


mcoker said...

male/female is used all over the place to describe electrical stuff that hooks together, depending on which end is the penetrator and which is the penetrateeee

f. said...

oh. I didn't know thattt

Sarah Hazel said...

not just electrical stuff, but plumbing, too.

Anonymous said...

is so. even velcro. weird to hear it applied in such a situation, but there you have it.