Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Make music enjoyable

Only a few mp3s for your magic. They're better than my paragraphs anyhow.

Sufjan Stevens : The Lord God Bird
About a beloved bird of Arkansas. Article. Gorg, as usual.

And then once your spirit is quieted, let in some melodic dementia.

It works and it's called Xiu Xiu:
Clowne Towne
Bog People [new for 05]

To become calm again, listen to "The Lord God Bird" once more before going to bed.

That's it!

Love, Frances


Anonymous said...

i think i may try to get someone to bring my left over paint and piant my room similar to my old one on tisdale drive. when are you coming to paint? we can paint together or i can at least help you. i cannot wait!!

f. said...

hi mary, that's good. will you be going for the same square patterns? Hm, I am either coming down the 1st or 2nd week of Auggie. I'll let you know when I know. <3 fr

mcoker said...

you've probably got the best taste in music ever.

f. said...

oh, stop it, i'm blushing. not true, but glad you like the mp3s I put out. I always like putting them out for you guys.

mcoker said...

mary-o's a guy??11/!!?!1

I'd trade you a box of twinkies for a custom Fran cd.

f. said...

very good point. we overuse the word "guys." Mary is a girl. Ah, a trade? I'd be glad to make one for you, although I've recently decided to stop using Limewire to get the goods. So only free mp3s are game, my friend.

mcoker said...

i actually read mary's blog. she's quite fascinating. as are you and sarah. hah. it's weird how i feel like i'm on a first name basis with you (guys) and i've never met any of you.

dude, all the stuff you've posted on your site is off the heezy fo' sheezy, whatever you got will be golden, I'm certain.