Friday, July 08, 2005


Recent happenings:

A family of three is staying at our house for a few days, to make up for the three that left our family last week. Their daughter, Esther, is going to be a freshman at UTA or UTD and it's been neat getting to know her. She is kinda shy though, but she does play the drums. Rock it, girl.

I had lunch with Benjie (UT RUF campus minister) today, though it was cut short by me having to jet off to work. He came up to Dallas to help out his grandma (!) fix up her house. It really stinks to be old living in this day and age of nursing homes, medication prescriptions and ageism (discrimination based on age). The last one kinda gets me after learning about it more in psychology and thinking about the elderly in my own life. I'm not really looking forward to being old, but I will rest in the hope that my family will have enough sensibility to treat me like a real person, someone who was once their age. But back to Benjie, we were having a conversation about the types of worship music and he said, "I think it is a sign of immaturity when we cannot accept something that is permissible to God." It sounds about right to me, and I'm guilty of it.

Isn't this a good line?
"I was the landscape in your dream
and all my mountains were on fire"
yowza! Add some tinkering xylophones and you've got a song.

My official birthday party is tomorrow! It's been exciting checking the updates on and a grand total of ten are coming. I invited thirty-five people (raided the gmail address book), but I had already decided that a turnout of at least six would do it. Do you see the title? I ordered my own cake and it wasn't until after I hung up that I thought it'd be funny to have the iced message be random letters and keyboard symbols. It's probably better that I didn't, for I fear that my girl friends would consider it much too absurd for the likes of me. There's always next year. I think we're going to watch "March of the Penguins," if no one objects too loudly, because surprisingly, it got pretty good reviews (Metacritic). It's a National Geographic (I think) documentary on penguins and their mating lives. The babies'll be cute for sure.

A couple days ago, my brain turned off and I watched a few episodes of the WB's "Beauty and the Geek." It was surprisingly normal for a contest reality show produced by jokester Ashton Kutcher and I imagine that it must have gotten pretty unsufferable in that house for both the primped up, shapely "beauties" and the socially awkward, girl-shy "geeks." They all became good friends though, and one girl even fell for a nice guy. I wonder if they would consider switching it up, as in smart girls and hot guys. It probably wouldn't go so well, seeing as how females in general are more tolerant of physical unattractiveness than males are. I'd hate to be in a reality show anyhow, knowing that everything is artificial that they're out to get you in a position, no matter how embarrassing, that looks good on TV.

Quick, d/l this song by SS off Amazon. It's deeply moving, the story of a friend dying of cancer. "Casimir Pulaski Day"

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