Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The Bigger Pictures

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

Today I left class upset about Social Security. I'm way behind, I know. The original intent of the program was to offset effects of the Depression on the elderly.. that's not applicable anymore. How about teaching people how to plan ahead and SAVE? I guess that's what the 401k's for.

Finished the mcoker mix CD, although you will have to burn it onto your own disc, since we're not in friendly proximity. I have provided all the links, let me know if any are dead. Find it at Hark Music Express, to the right.

Got my shoes in the airmail from Hong Kong, Le Coq Sportif slip ons. But they're too small. Phooey.


mcoker said...


Anonymous said...

how much smaller are they? are you going to send them back? i will buy them from you if they are only like 1/2 a size to 1 size too small. i <3 deck shoes.

f. said...

hella! I'm pretty sad they are too small - I really like the light print and unique color scheme. Anyway, they are just long enough, but my feet are too FAT and the canvas is not very stretchy at all. I wore them once and my feet hated me for it all night. I cannot send them back, b/c I already wore em once, and postage was like $15. Try em?

mcoker said...

maybe you should go on a foot diet. Eat nothing but beets and cauliflower!! you'll be able to squeeze your fat feet into those shoes in no time!

f. said...

hm, sounds like that diet would probably shrink my brain too.