Tuesday, July 05, 2005

He Comes Dividing Men From Brothers

Because my 'b' key was too sensitive (that's why all the typos), I took my laptop into the Apple Store and now the keyboard is getting replaced and I won't get it back til the end of the week. Hmph. I guess I can deal with a pc for a few days.. ; ] I also visited my friend Karen at the United Colors of Benetton at the same mall .. working retail is real work! Fortunately, the girl is good at tending to people and tidying up places, so she doesn't really try to shirk any duties.

Also, today "Illinois" came out (I know, I talk about Sufjan way too much, I'll stop soon enough) but surprise, because of murky artwork legal disputes, the record company Asthmatic Kitty was advised to stop selling it and are frantically asking their retailers to do the same. It as something to do with the Superman on the cover upsetting DC Comics. Darn! I knew I should have pre-ordered what is now considered a collectors item. An hour ago, I ordered it off some cd website, hopefully they haven't gotten the memo and will ship the original edition to me in a few days. They're already being sold on eBay for $75. Ridiculous.

Finally, finally, I got "Ok Computer" for my birthday. It was so good hearing it after maybe two years, I dunno what took me so long! I think I can appreciate it on a different level now, not so much teenage emotion. Do people still think it's the best album of all time? Isn't that a slap in the face to all their influences, or to even older bands that were considered greats?

I am sleeping on a brand new mattress, a Simmons Beautyrest with a pillowtop, ah! Doesn't seem like a big deal, but it really is a nice upgrade compared to my old mattress, with the familiar spot that tended to creak every time I tried to breathe. I used to talk about getting a Tempur-pedic mattress someday, but then I decided that I was joking, since only astronauts use them. No, but really, it really is too much money, you'd rather buy a Powerbook.

Here's something I've been musing over recently. For people who have very strong personal beliefs/opinions/views on current "hot topics," if it is correlates to the modern way of thinking, how much of the thinking is theirs and how much of it has to do with being a product of the age in which we live? I am not trying to judge or anything like that, but here is the best example I could think of: how many people who tolerate/uphold homosexuality now would hold the same views if they lived 50 years ago? Would they do it at the expense of their reputation, family, and business? I think not. If society permeates so much of our thinking, why do we so often embrace it so strongly as our own? I haven't taken Sociology or any classes in the Social Sciences, so I'm probably just stating the obvious..


mcoker said...

my friend's latch on their powerbook broke (the thing on the front to open the laptop) and it was going to be like $400 to replace! I hope they're not ripping you a new one.

f. said...

Yes, at first I was terrified when they told me, but it costs me $0 since somehow I'm still covered under a warranty. Whew! I've also read many reviews that bashed Apple's customer support, I'm glad I didn't have to write one of those.

J*Rob said...

PC for life!

*obnoxious glare*

And, hey, I slept on a good mattress once. It was amazing. I'll never forget that night. Mmm.