Friday, December 11, 2009

Best pack

I crudely designed my "dream" backpack using a free online drawing tool. It's maddening trying to draw with a mouse, so that is why this looks awful. The whole thing would be pretty small and sit close to the back, 500 cubic inches or less. With one main pocket and one small pocket. Camelbaks were my inspiration, and I thought about getting the smallest one, but taking the hydration pack out of it would render a lot of the original design useless. Also, small-sized Camelbaks seem to be very skimpy on durability and padding. The material would be Cordura, thick, rigid and sturdy. It would include a removable back padding insert.

1 Bungee cords for a light jacket
2 U-lock holster, a la Seagull, for them larger u-locks like mine
3 The top flap would fold down against the front and attach to velcro. (This may be problematic if there is clothing in the cords, but whatever). Or it could be a small roll top. I just don't like the full long flaps of the Chrome backpacks.
4 Thick key rings on both straps for easy access (my favorite detail of my current Chrome dually pack)
5 Small bottom zipper pocket for tools, tubes, etc.

Now if only I could sew this myself, that would be awesome. Because nothing of the sort exists on the market. The only other pack that has a similar aesthetic is this one, but neoprene is not breathable at all, the amount of padding is questionable, and it sort of makes you look like a turtle, or someone who is a wearing a bulletproof vest backwards.

Song: Lindsay Brohan - Javelin

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