Sunday, August 21, 2005

Bird in Cage

I really, really want to backpack across Europe or undertake a huge exploration like that in the near future. My roommate Erin is living the dream right now, and after being so happy for her, I'm nearly crying everyday out of my green eyes. There's just so much to be discovered and experienced in the hazy "out there"! But, truly, how can I make it happen? No companion(s), no money, much summer school in view, and only one free summer left. I don't know why it's so pressing, but I will start feeling half-alive I don't start going places. SIGH. This bird is banging its head on the bars.


mcoker said...

I'm feelin ya. I've been on that boat for a while, too. One thing I've always stood behind was that I can do absolutely anything I want to. We're quite resourceful creatures, we can make things happen if we really want them to. However, you do get into positions where it becomes more and more difficult to do things like that - like me, now. I own a house, have a high responsibility job, lots of things that don't really encourage taking off for an unknown land for months to expand my worldview. I really wish I had done that when I was in college (a study abroad program or just taking a semester or something), because then it would have been so much easier. Extend your college stint to make time for it, go alone or try to pair up with someone from one of the travel groups or the Texas Union wall ads, get a part time job, sell some stuff and save every bit of it.

Anonymous said...

study abroad girl. that is what i want to do this summer.

f. said...

thanks for the tip, mcoker. i wish to avoid regret.

mary, where are you planning on going?