Wednesday, August 24, 2005

OH Lance - too good to be true?

Once again, ultimate winner Lance Armstrong is facing charges of steroid abuse, this time against claims made by the Tour de France chief. The drug in question? EPO: "For years, it had been impossible to detect the drug, which builds endurance by boosting the production of oxygen-rich red blood cells." Wouldn't it be such a shattering of American ideals and pride if this is really true? I mean, he tested positive for the drug in '99 but denies it, saying he has "never taken performance-enhancing drugs." Well, let the tests speak for themselves and we'll see how it turns out. Ah, I never really liked the guy anyway and never thought once about donning a Livestrong bracelet in its heyday. (OK, well maybe once.) The reason is single and compelling to me; I can't have much respect for a man who left his wife and kids to go frolic with a rockstar. Great role model, man. Oops, hope that doesn't make me a terrorist. Correction: OK, it was a mutual separation/divorce agreement and he met Sheryl Crow a month afterwards. Divorce sucks!!

And I don't know if this is even all that interesting, but it tickled my fancy. (My fancy likes to be tickled, you know.) There's a discussion going on at a Sufjan forum about popular CCM artist David Crowder covering one of Sufjan's songs on his latest release. As was expected there was much dissing of CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) and even some of David. But the man himself posted a long and sincere reply to all that jazz this morning.. I know because it happened while I was composing a reply of my own. Link This might be thought-provoking to read for fans of either band.


Anonymous said...

i thought his exwife cheated on him and that is why he left her. and i think it was a while after that that he actually got with crow. i think. i think it is a bit rediculous that they are trying to bring back things like that from 1999. why can't they just let him win? he had cancer for god's sake!

f. said...

There's a time and place for compassion for sure, but fairness and honesty in a huge international competition is non-negotiable. I don't think they're out to get him, unless they're just really really jealous of his achievement.

mcoker said...

why don't you like the guy, just out of curiosity? Is it because he and his wife were divorced?

f. said...

Yeah, I guess I have no real reason to now, I was previously misinformed that he "left his wife and kids to go frolic with a rockstar."

Anonymous said...

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