Wednesday, August 17, 2005

So Many LIES

Ok, so I just found out yesterday that fluoride, in our tap water, toothpaste and many food products, is actually bad for you. Fluoride Alert and book. So is soy apparently, but I'll disregard those studies because I am OK and I drink soy, and Chinese people have had soy in their diet forever and they're very much OK as well. Stop killing us innocent citizens with your lies, you greedy businesses and seedy politicians! I know there's more truth like this out there to be uncovered, but I'm not particularly inclined to gloom up my life by finding out about them. I'll put up a fight next time I have to get a fluoride treatment at the dentist's, how about that?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

welli think soy has estrogens in it and that can be bad for you in a woman cancer thing... blah blah whatever soy is so good for you.


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f. said...

hey, neat little thing. I like how it is two colors. where'd you buy it?