Wednesday, August 17, 2005

New York Shitty

What's so great about New York anyway? The standard of living is crazy high, $80,000/yr serving as the state poverty line for a family of three living in its wealthiest areas. Sure, sure New York City has been a hub of culture for ages, but are people living there better off than the rest of us? Are there any books coming out from there about the secrets to a well-lived life or the wellsprings of happiness? Rather, from there we hear more about corruption, disillusionment and the underbelly of many American practices and institutions. Maybe people who live there and elsewhere in the United States fall in love with the great city's possibilities and its rich history, always looking towards a brighter future. OK, I admit that I'm pulling these idea mostly from the sky to form a dissent against the popularly held belief that this city is the American utopia and I realize that there's also great stuff to be found there. But I refuse to love New York and its City simply because of its cultural grandeur, press, fashion, nightlife, high rent, broadway shows, museums, and fast-paced livelihoods. Those things only don't make a life, they use it. Show me meaning and that's what I'll hold on to.

Love it, Sufjan.

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