Thursday, August 04, 2005

Toil for fun

Ah, I have been treating myself to a two hours worth of listening to the KCRW Morning Becomes Eclectic Feist performance (pretty good), the Teenage Fanclub full album stream at Merge, and tracks from the Wolf Parade CBC Radio 3 sessions. Why this sudden lapse into hedonism? Because the house is now a lot cleaner, and my mom really appreciates the organized refrigerator exterior. At least in this aspect I'll be a decent housewife. Man, I've been thinking about how we/I unthinkingly try all the time to satisfy our desires. That requires taking a step back and slowing down in my case, cycles of consumerism. As far as music goes, lately there have been a lot of new releases that I think would sound pleasing in my ear, but I had kinda decided earlier on to only buy really good albums that'll last. Doesn't that make sense? Maybe it's just me trying to cut out excess and live more simply, but it goes against my immediate desire. I'm starting to wonder if it's a sign that when I can't do something in moderation I should cut it out completely. Perhaps that is why people enjoy mix CDs from their friends so much: they do none of the work, yet get to enjoy the results, the good culled from the mediocre. Would someone like to do that for me? They have statistics for how many days/years the average person spends sleeping, watching TV (yech.), and the like. They should get with the times and do one for music listening. When the things you consume start to consume you.. read the main page article in Newsweek today about America's budding addiction to meth. Sad news. Also, I went to court today for my class. In hindsight, the case was exceedingly boring, it was about a seatbelt violation. But it was fun visiting the building in downtown Plano, a part of town I have rarely frequented. I love novel experiences, even if they're truly ordinary.

I really should be packing for tomorrow's road trip to Austin. Really. And we're having dinner at S__ P___ (name?), the restaurant by Clown Dog Bikes, where San Jacinto turns into Duval. Unfortunately, there is no hot water in the house, so I suggested that we go on a run around HP before showertime. Their response was feeble. Anyhow, I am excited to return to the lovely capital. We are all so proud of it! And, my friend Jocelyn started making t-shirts with paint and stencils. I'm hoping I can get her to help me out a bit and make a few, maybe an easy Elliott Smith one and then a more challenging Sufjan one. DYI projects, what do you think?

This moment: I rather like the last half of this song. Pelz Komet - The Kingsbury Manx
More Xiu Xiu? Sad Pony Girl


Anonymous said...

i have been to that restaurant... it is gooooood. what time? maybe i can meet? i get off work at 6-6:30 pm
cannot wait to have company!
oh and i took a cold shower and it was not really THAT cold. plus i did run around HP for about 20 min. i am such a slacker... it should be more like 45 min!

f. said...

yeah, the shower felt good after all that sweat. it was a good day! billie jean ("jelly bean") finally tried to make friends with me when I was sleeping, but after trying to approach all day, I wouldn't have any of it. heeh