Thursday, August 18, 2005

Nails & Details

Yeah! I finally got my IKEA futon today. Dingle, baby. I'd been checking its stock online for the past week or so and the disappointing "no" turned to a joyous "yes" last night. So I went with my parents the hour it opened. The rest of today I stuck by Jocelyn's side, with a few firsts: making a drink at Java and Cha (local coffee shop owned by a friend) and making my first DYI t-shirt, then built a new IKEA 4' bookcase for my brother, since I'm taking his for the Austin house. (If you haven't seen the pictures of the newly painted yet, go here.) It was tiring to say in the least, with all the nails and details usually reserved for machines and carpenters. It was just me and my mom tackling this task. When I have a house of my own and need a whole new set of furniture, I will probably look the other direction, even though these Swedes are smart. Been listening to a couple tracks off the new Death Cab. I really like a few of them, and the other ones are forgettable. I am wondering if I should buy it, since I own everything else they have put out, except the "Forbidden Love EP." Ah, I do believe that fame really changes an artist, and their stuff is less intimate, less biting, more generic and more "ba ba" poppy than I prefer. All this I thought about lying in bed last night, so dumb. Well, hats off to them for making more money and being heard on the "OC" anyway. Goodbye, my favorite band in high school! Alright, another round of studying Chinese, sigh..
Can I do this to our unwanted heavy trash couch sitting on our front porch?

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Anonymous said...

if you did that to our piece of a couch on the poarch then i would be happy. i think we should eventually get rid of it + the chair. linda said that i can have two neat chairs for the poarch. i am going to get them when i go home. and as for our cutie of a neighbor ross, there will be fighting. i love my girls and would never think of fighting for a boy. he is nice though. shy. hummmm SEATTLE IN A FEW HOURS HOLLA!!!

you got a letter from emily morgan. iw ill put it on your desk desk.