Monday, October 05, 2009

Buy List

Call me whatever you want, but it's been very difficult keeping a budget and sharing expenses and extra money with another person. Gone are the days of blowing my paycheck on lots of stuff. Instead, I have to save up for things, and carefully examine if I will use and enjoy what I purchase. Here are are items I've got my eye on.

Clockwise from top left:
Speedball Block Printing Kit - Trying to teach myself more arts. If I can manage carving/drawing backwards, I may try to create a small print for our thank you cards. It's nice living so close to Jerry's Artarama..
Scribblenauts DS game - My DS is gathering dust. But I hear this game is really fun. You have to solve puzzles and you can write down any word and it appears an as animation.
Rob Ryan tea towel - One of his more affordable goods, along with John Connolly's books. Love this guy's work!
Eastland Seneca boots - Too manly? I'm just impressed these are actually for women.
Carhartt women's rain jacket - I think the weather is mocking me, because I keep putting off getting a proper rain jacket.. and it keeps raining.
Cabela's XPG tent stakes - The ones that came with our North Face tent are woefully bendy, and we've already bent and thrown away most of them by now. An unstaked tent is pretty annoying to be in.
Tom Cordones shoes - They're sorta cute. Really like the wooly gray exterior. They look so similar to the cheapo knockoff canvas shoes at UO though.

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