Friday, October 16, 2009


Drinking some yummy Boylan's Root Beer at work. Not the best bottled root beer ever, but still pretty good. On sale at HEB at $3.99 per pack/$1 per bottle. Found some repurposed glass tumblers online while I was looking up reviews. And here. At first, I thought, wow these are really neat, I want some. They're annoyingly expensive for a recycled product. And then it made me think of all the glass that gets thrown away after drinking that soda or beer or wine.. coupled with the fact that many of us own glass cups that we reuse. Bummer!! My logic may be wrong, but the former is the equivalent to throwing out your kitchen cups after each use. (Isn't there some rapper who has that policy with his wife-beaters?) Glass is glass. So much waste!

What if all glass bottles were repurposed into cups? My guess is that there wouldn't be a huge market for them, since fancier non-recycled ones exist. What would it look like to live in a society where wastefulness was looked down upon or outlawed? I understand that many early/primitive societies exhibited this sort of attitude, and that probably the Industrial Revolution and capitalism gone wild is responsible for the volume of trash that exists.

To be fair, there are conveniences that come with the freedom to be wasteful. You get to own nicer and newer things, you can be picky, you get to enjoy something whenever you want to, more inventions/technological advances, and much more. What do you think, is it worth it?

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