Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hi Tuesday, 2

Boy is it slow here when my boss isn't around. His wife is sick, so I assume he is at home taking care of her. That is a perk I can look forward to in marriage.

Going to New Orleans in 2 days! It's for work; affirmative action training. I really don't care about all the details, but it's only for a day and a half, and then I'm free. B and his friend Mark will be driving down (er, to the right) on Friday and we will spend the weekend reveling in the city of fleur-de-lis. I may have gone overboard searching Yelp for the best places to eat, because we are once again, low on extra cash. Eating out really makes your wallet skinny. However, I know I can be satisfied with fresh hot beignets for breakfast at least. To be honest, I am probably not the typical New Orleans tourist foodie. OK, I'm not a foodie. But I do not have a stomach for shellfish and greasy dishes in general. Or olives. I am ashamed to say that I once ordered a muffaletta and rejected it after one bite. And those are the meat of New Orleans cuisine. I may just end up gobbling down sides, like I always do. Rice and beans sounds good to me. Last time I went there, I was even impressed with the rice and beans at Popeyes.

Still not sure whether I want to visit here. The commendable 4.5 star rating draws me in, but the formidable descriptions of the "best fried chicken ever" turn my stomach.

I've got drawing class today, which means I must leave work in 10 minutes. I've been riding my bike there and doing that once a week has really improved my fitness levels. From "completely sedentary" to "getting there." The ride to campus from where I live is a breeze because it's all gloriously downhill. But the ride back is a terrific challenge, regardless of fitness level. I made a huge mistake in taking the infamous Duval hill back the first week of class because it was the most direct route. After collapsing on the couch back home, I felt nauseated for hours afterwards. But now, it feels good to push myself physically. Humans aren't meant to live in a state of unbroken stability, ease and comfort. B has also kickstarted his new healthy regimen of diet and exercise. I think the reality of our impending partnership (or rather, the public display of it) has finally hit him. No more bacon, fries, sodas, high fructose corn syrup, partially hydrogenated crap, beer, and less gluten. I will try to get him to ride more, even though there is very little motivation when you aren't actually going anywhere. Riding to the corner store to get alcohol and snacks woefully doesn't count. We're making a mental note to move somewhere soon where driving is weird and you don't need to "exercise," because it's already built into your normal lifestyle.


Rachel B said...

You're taking a drawing class? Is it an informal class at UT? That sounds fun. I have a book called 'Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain', which has interesting information and drawing exercises. Have you heard of it?

Fern said...

I haven't heard of it but just looked it up on Amazon and it sounds fascinating. Did it help you learn how to draw (better)?

Rachel B said...

I think it would have if I'd gone all the way through the book. I do think it helped me realize why it is that my drawing style hasn't gotten any better since I was 10 (when I was 10, I was very good at drawing, for a 10 year old.) It's fun, though, even if you stop in the middle.