Tuesday, October 20, 2009

J Crew

I never used liked this store, because their clothes to me always seemed so stuffy and unexciting. I preferred wearing more gaudy/interesting clothing to punctuate the boredom in the landscape of department store and Gap-type clothing. It was actually really difficult until American Apparel came along. But I think I've finally gotten that out of my system, and it may be because of the current trend that favors American-made, classic, and work styles, I think I could go for a wardrobe change, J Crew style. I'd like to say that this could also mark a complete exit out of adolescence. They have quite a few classic looks in their womens collection that have just a touch of femininity without overdoing it.

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Oh yes, and my wedding dress is also from J Crew. I wanted something very simple, but also flattering.

With that said, I'm starting to think that trends in fashion are pretty much useless and just a product of our hypercharged capitalistic economy. Doesn't it bother anyone that a commodity can become so valuable and then quickly lose its value? It's a pretty odd cycle to follow, seems to me. Materialism is a very addicting and convenient mindset to take on when avoiding life's questions. If you want to take it to the limit, you could adopt a total utilitarian philosophy about your clothes, wearing basic pieces and replacing them only if they are no longer wearable. B has a shockingly unfashionable friend who is the epitome of this, but after my initial distaste, I now think it's sort of awesome. He wears baggy jean shorts, white shirts, an Indiana Jones hat and brown sneakers. To note, he doesn't even own luggage- when he traveled with us to New Orleans, he packed his clothes in two plastic grocery bags. Of course, this is extreme, and unfortunately, his looks are directly related to his unattractiveness to the opposite sex. It'd be so much worse for a woman to dress this way, since men are visually stimulated. So, I'm not advocating this attitude, since this doesn't really work in our society, but it's one example that can help expose our culture's unhealthy obsession with clothing and personal image.


Rachel B said...

I've been a little sad about fashion trends in the last year because I like bright colors, but I don't really like the jewel tones that are popular and totally dominate the stores right now...you know, the teals and magentas and mustard yellows. But I do like the deep purples and turquoise, so all the new clothes I've bought this year are one of those two colors.

Fern said...

That's good. The trick is to find what you like out of each year's selection.