Wednesday, January 28, 2009

another something to put in my full purse

Bought Lego Batman, decision sheerly based on the cuteness of the characters. It's a really easy game, made for kids ("great for tween boys!"), but it's challenging enough for me at this point. You can die an infinite number of times, and when you do, your character just bursts into Lego pieces. Hehe.

Admission: Last night, I bought a Nintendo DS. !!! B is secondarily responsible for this. It took a few weeks, and 3+ trips to Walmart and Best Buy (previously known as Worst Store to be Stuck in Ever). His reasoning was that since I felt like I wasn't accomplishing anything in real life, I could set up virtual goals and meet them and then feel a little better about my life. Hmmm.. can't say that I agree with this logic. But in the end, I caved in, as I recently began to realize how much I missed playing the video games of my youth. Last weekend in Dallas, we played hours of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 on the N64. (Or rather, B did. I got frustrated that my fingers were not as nimble as before for getting the best trick combos.)

And, I think I can safely say that this purchase has helped me get over my snooty condescension for all things nerdy and geeky. For example, B reads Gizmodo so devoutly, and I like to stick my nose up at most of the topics on that site. And he has a group of gamer friends (who I prefer to avoid hangouts with), grown men in their mid-20's who are highly intelligent and banking in their tech jobs, but spend much of their free time playing Warcraft or Guitar Hero. I've always tried to escape the extreme definitions of that label (a big characteristic: adults who play video games, in my opinion), but you know what, if you limit your experiences and activities based on judgments, you may be missing out on some great stuff. So here's to openness to fun. Haha! After all, when you exit adolescence, you are only as cool as you think you are.

Img source: Xboxic


ehaze said...

are you enjoying it?

Fern said...

It's pretty fun, I have to admit. But I'm not obsessed with it, and when I put it down after a while of playing, I wonder where the time goes.