Thursday, January 22, 2009

out with the old

Beginning the slow conversion to stainless steel and cast iron. Don't want any more of those toxins from the chemically engineered non-stick pans. I bought B a Lodge cast iron griddle for our nine month-aversary. (Forget Le Creuset! The enamel will come off eventually, and real cast iron cookware is cheap and indestructible.) He loves to cook and with all this practice, is definitely better than me by now. Kitchen toys are fun, but I should let him in on it, since the only thing I do now in the kitchen these days is bake. I also painstakingly printed out part of a cast iron recipe book off google reader during work (on Windows, print scr, paste into Paint, cut and copy the page, re-paste into Paint, etc., then paste all into a Word doc), which is to accompany the gift. I have to return the one I got, actually, because the black "seasoning" is chipping off and revealing a rusted interior. Gross. We should probably get an unseasoned one and do it ourselves. It's dorky, but I'm excited that this pan could become a family heirloom for generations.

Img souce: Acemart


erin said...

i want one of those too!

ooh, and I CAN write a short comment.

Fern said...

do it! get one! and let me know how it goes!