Tuesday, January 06, 2009

vhs club

Started watching old vhs movies at Evan's cabin-loft this week, since all he has is a tiny tv with a built-in vhs player. The Jerk and Klute. Hadn't heard of either of them, but my knowledge of cinema is pretty sparse anyway. Both surprisingly offbeat. It's refreshing feeling no pressure to watch hyped up old films and just picking them out leisurely at I Heart Video. It used to be that way, before movie critics and their reviews biased our opinions and told us what to watch. Out of anticipation, I started a list of next movies to watch (classics such as The Maltese Falcon, F for Fake, The Elephant Man), but that also takes away from it, doesn't it, when a plan becomes too formalized? I struggle with anxiety over checking all the boxes on an imaginary life/culture to-do list, which also includes watching "good" movies. Why? Just a small way to control and order the world. So I'll save myself the grief and try not to monitor my social consumption so much. Let it unfold organically (?). Memories always seem to be fond anyway.

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Anonymous said...

unrelated probably - http://www.conversantlife.com/god-and-culture/introducing-christian-hipsters
i'd put it to you through fbook, but you lefted. =)

Fern said...

thanks for the article, jmc. (tried to comment on your wordpress, but i have to have an account??)
interesting.. haven't read any sort of writing criticizing christian hipster culture yet. i can relate to that, cause i was part of a reformed presbyterian church (pca - same denomination as sufjan's church) throughout college and a little bit beyond. probably the most culturally-engaged group of Christians i have encountered. coming from uncool suburbia, it was really refreshing!

funny that the article mentions welcome wagon (?) cause my super-hip pastor literally twittered about that album that day and i had no idea what he was referencing.

anyway, it's definitely an intriquing dialogue, but in the large scheme of things, 'christian culture' doesn't really matter... meaning that it's not actually sinful to be hip (or not), as long as you are focused on following Christ's commandments. it's fun to argue about, but deciding on culture is ultimately an irrelevant discussion. freedom in Christ, right?

Fern said...

oh yea, and the pca church i used to go to blogged about welcome wagon too (go figure) weeks ago..