Thursday, January 22, 2009


I'm about to pull my hair out I am SO BORED. Imagine 5 hours of nothing to do at work. I should ask for more to do, but it's all pretty uninteresting anyway. Should I try to get out, even if I don't know where to go? Even in the state of our economy?

In trying to keep sane, I've revisited, the website whose contributors are some the smartest people in the western world. Most of time I get overwhelmed with trying to understand the articles, as opposed to actually thinking about the content. Oh yea, and the "indie newsletter" site layout and design is a little distracting as well. Clicking through their About page, I found a list of their official members, each with their own titles, which I thought was pretty cute. I've only heard of a handful of them: Bill Gates, Kevin Kelly, Nathan Myhrvold. How aware should we be of these people and their ideas? Is it OK to be ignorant and only think in the context of the present and not the future? Most of us are trapped in that way of thinking anyway. Makes the world seem more managable at least. Somewhat recommended, if you have any interest in technology and science, or like to give your brain a workout.

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