Thursday, January 15, 2009

it's a thursday

I wonder how many people actually read this blog. 3? I find my posts becoming increasingly personal, but it's probably unwise to open myself up on the interweb. But every so often, I stumble upon a personal blog that I find amusing and enlightening. (Dunno if mine will be perceived that way to strangers..) A recent example of this is this blog that I've been perusing for the past few days. It's by an ex-arts pastor living in Austin. I first found it by googling 'Toddy Burton', and kept reading because it reminded me so much of the college faith community I was a part of just a few years ago. It's nice to know that there are creative Christians out there who can dialogue intelligently. Beyond the musings on faith and culture, good art, and mention of Andy Crouch, I felt a groundedness (or maybe engagedness) that is missing in my own life. Not that I wanna be all into the new hip culture of Christianity (see comments).. Maybe for me there is an attractiveness about artists who aren't crazy and directionless. Their lives intrigue me. I think that I've always been drawn towards people who are doing something confidently and going somewhere, but now it's high time become one of those people.

As a relative newbie, I'm still on the fringe of my current church community. I don't know most of the people there (college kids, er) and am not invited to every single hangout with the pastor. I've been hanging out at some church families's houses in the evenings lately, chatting, playing with cameras, baking or crocheting, yet I still am an hour late to services (terrible, I know).
But I am also all too familiar with what it feels like to be near the center- comfortable and at rest. Real complacent. Neither are ideal.. where is the place to be? Right now I sorta miss being in the core, and this forces me to consider how I want my current role to unfold. I don't know. And having a somewhat anti-social, completely anti-community boyfriend doesn't help, ha.

No artsy, unrelated photo at the top of the post today. Pictures don't say many words at all


marylamb said...

i have definitely opened up the emotional doors with my site over the past 2-3 months. not something i like to do, but it just happened. not sure anyone wants to read about it, but i am closing it up. gotta reel in my heart from my sleeve.

Fern said...

i hear ya, mary. hope you are doing better, girl.