Friday, June 16, 2006

all th epeop le that ilovea r edrunk

Ah, the happy, idle days of summer.. just ended yesterday.

First day of work was rather tiring. Learned how to make Honey Raisin and Cappuccino cream cheese (sound delicious? I agree, even though I don't eat cream cheese), simple coffee beverages, and package sandwich ingredients. Not even moderate brainwork, but after standing for 7 hours on hard marble, I got kind of sore. What if the thing you are most good at is making sandwiches? I am starting to imagine. Anyway, like, I'm not even that great at cutting veggies, but Japanese people *cut* their vegetables into shreds. It took me a good 30 minutes to chop a mere 1/4 of a cabbage into (ginormous)1 mm strips, with all fingers intact. Shame, shame. I wear my shame and cut it too. At least the girls working there were very nice and even knew the English words to the ingredients. My uncle is quite strict to the employees there for the most part, and nice sometimes. He is joking/ serious, but they always feel the hint of his real edge. The way he says something is often loaded with more meaning than what he is saying. I feel like a spoiled child, because he is always nice to me, and in front of the employees too. Me, a blundering, sweaty, slow- cutter, break- taking, non- Japanese. I would totally be afraid of him if I were not his niece, that's for sure.

My first bagel sandwich (to eat). Oishi! Delicious.
Went shopping at MUJI for family presents during my lunch break. Its name literally means "no- name brand." The store is nearly amazing. It can be described as a Japanese Gap, but it's much more classic, no- frills and also sells stationery, home supplies, and some food. They have a signature, plain, brown cardboard notebook with a simple red/ white label and black binding. Its clothing line is relatively cheap for Japan, but still too much for me to choose as a wardrobe replacer/ updater. I did get a plaid skirt there for $7; material looks like a preppy boy's old shirt. Er, was that a mistake?

The song below has been stuck my head. It's not a great, great piece of music and I'm not crazy about the guy's wispy voice, but I love the banjo in it. What other bands have that sort of banjo backbone to their sound? <33 "Various Stages" - Great Lake Swimmers
(They are on Misra Records. Hm!)

BONUS track:
"Pushover" - The Long Winters
Now here is a band that has been quietly making wonderful pop songs that make you feel like life is only two things: sweet and simple. They're just getting more attention nowadays. Smile!

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