Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Okok, so I got those pictures back. Good iPhoto. Big picture update, including HK/ China ones. Click to the right, if you will, and check Albums 24 and 25. And, I spent time writing captions.

Today my aunt and I took a train to Kyoto and walked around the streets. It's the most traditional city in Japan, with 100- year old buildings (some turned restaurants) standing next to modern ones. I like it. Bought some super postcards at a museum showcasing the artwork of Renoir, Picasso, Warhol, and a lot of other painters I do not recognize. I'm so uneducated when it comes to art and art history. A lesser known piece titled "A Break In the Woods" by Geberoy caught my eye, because it captured something I'd actually like to do- go on a hike in the forest and then sit down for a little 19th century picnic, porcelain teacups and all.

Endured a long, multi- course dinner at a fancy pants restaurant with my A&U and another prestigious couple. Even though I tried to be as unobtrusive as possible, I managed to break both cultural and fine dining rules in less than an hour. Anyway, the wife was so sweet to me and tried to get to know me, even though I was a perfect mute for most of the time. She gave me some expensive face sunscreen at the end of the night. Turns out she is a well- known TV commentator in Japan who has her own show. All the older Japanese women I've met are so delightful! And assertive as well. The more assertive, the more delightful, beacuse they are seasoned with kindness.

Been thinking about the plans for a birthday party. Instead of a let's get wasted and mess up a house party, hows about a favorite/ fine beer/ wine tasting party? I'd much rather do that than waste my capacity on a cheap beer or another type of untasty alcohol. Sara's St. Peter's Cream Stout at the EK Birthday Bash inspired me. And then maybe a camping trip as well to top it off. Nothing like being dirty and hungover on a beautiful morning in a secluded state park. Will have to discuss with the lovely Rachel Self, who is hiking and camping her heart out in the big MT.

Am searching for internships next semester to fill my schedule. Currently working on my cover letter for a General Office Duties intern position at Misra Records. Duties include compiling promotional packages, entering data, and the like. It's a small label recently relocated to Austin; it has releases of Destroyer, Flotation Toy Warning, Centromatic, Great Lake Swimmers. Still wondering if it is the best choice. Sounds rather exciting though, as exciting as an unpaid internship can be.

Cheeze, my U&A are always bringing back fine desserts from their Italian restaurant because they don't last for more than a day. Constant temptation for me!



sl said...

hey hey. sounds fun!

and you almost sound like daiyee's little "protege" following her around and meeting important people.

freeze some desserts and bring em back home.

f. said...

um, I wish I could ship you some desserts, but I can't. I'm more like UK's protege, really. ok?