Monday, June 19, 2006

cansei de ser sexy. tired of being sexy.

home alone all day. here are my favorite songs of the moment. that's how I live.

1. "Back In Town" - SOUND TEAM (from Austin, TX!!!)
2. "Baby I" - Amy Millan
3. "Sometimes In a Fall" - Phoenix

new is value.

ha, this little piece is too good. if only we, the inhabitants of an uninsulated house, could outfit ourselves with some before winter rolls on by.


Anonymous said...

erin is here till july 7 or something. i like that you live in the moment. my favorite song of the moment is the do-a-deer song from the sound of music.

marysaurus said...

i got your postcard. i lovelovelove it. i still love those waves. they are near and dear to my heart. i am jealous of your 4th-of-july plans. the blood center may be open, so i may have to work. boooo. my RBC count was FINALLY high enough to donate last week. i was way excited. miss you love.