Wednesday, June 14, 2006

ok, notok

Waking up with a dog hair in my mouth Dog hair (and breath) all over home life. Not OK.
Threadless t-shirts OK! Not OK. OK ??
My aunt's too many teas from around the world. OK!
Half of them expired. Not OK.
Last song on Calexico's Garden Ruin, "All Systems Red." OK!!
Almost drowning the iPod in hot water. Not OK.
Free food and service at U&A's restaurant. OK!
Engrish on their menu. Not OK. OK?
Walabe mochi made out of calorie- free glutinous rice. OK!
Start of rainy season. Not OK.
Manbags. OK??
Elevator music - style sax solos. Not OK.
Japanese economy has been going down. ??
Everything is cheaper than ever. OK!
100 Yen Store (Dollar Store). OK!

Total: OK > Not OK.



erinhazel said...


f. said...

I mean, fashionable ones. Leather, slingy, expensive looking. But manbags, nonetheless.

Sarah Hazel said...

Of course, you know coker knitted his own man-purse. It's quite stylish.