Monday, June 12, 2006

By the big slippers of big slipperdom!

I've been helping my aunt prepare the meals, and it's been great learning the Japanese way of cooking. For example, many dishes are delicious, and they don't even require a drop of oil! That's pretty amazing. We are making curry rice for tonight, which has loads of veggies, some grated apple, sliced beef, and Japanese curry. I aim to make it back in the States for the household. And there are so many different kinds of nori (seaweed) to match with each flavor. I aim to bring some home as well. As we speak, I'm eating chocolate cookies that expired either in February or have not yet. Hard to tell, since in Asian countries, they do day-month-year. And, we were short on curry so we opened up a dusty bottle of it and dashed it in the soup. Unfortunately, I looked too late, and when I did, the bottom announced an expiry date of 1994. Hm, I was only 9 then. Spices last pretty long, right? Even though I'm definitely getting over my strictness with expiry dates, I put down my foot for Nike Dunk Low SBs (same reason). They are quickly becoming my favorite sneaker to keep up with, because their non- general colorways are most excellent and there is such a mad sneaker culture and ensuing demand for them.

odd flavors
JAPANESE PIZZA (osaka style) = shredded lettuce + beaten egg + shrimp + noodles + mayo + oyster sauce
a MESS that awaits my touch
Q AND I posing in front of a shrine
a FARMER at rest

aiyaaaaa my imbecile iphoto program just deleted all my newly uploaded pictures. it's hard to keep the things you can't touch. Terrible x 10!

* Harajuku:
"It is the best place in the world to go stare at Tokyo fashion. And to go shopping. You know those great books with kids dressed as punks, mods, goths, ravers, sex fiends etc - all those people hang out around here, which is why pervert photgraphers swarm the joint on the weekend."

Keke, don't worry, I will have my camera ready. It just depends if I have the guts to shove it in their glammy faces!


Anonymous said...

oohh pocahantes! i know you wont let me down. you know i love a clown fashion every now and again .kk.

Nora said...

Frances!!! Sounds like you're having a blast in Japan. I just got your postcard today---thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!! China sounded amazing. I miss you tons!!!!!!!!!!

That curry food you made sounds YUMMY!

Anonymous said...

i am so jealous of your seaweed and vegetables. you may have to invite me over for some japanese when you get back and settled.

Anonymous said...

ps the rentals and ozma are playing a show on september 10 at emo's inside. we should go.
i know it is far away, but you know the story...

Marge said...

Frances! I cannot wait to hear more about Japan and all the exciting and different things you are getting to do and see. It sounds like you are getting the royal treatment with hot baths and heated toilet seats. :)

Love and miss you, Frances Susan.