Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Another remake! / If it ain't broke..

.. then don't fix it.

Pride and Prejudice 2005? I think not! But apparently Focus Features thinks so. Watch the trailer and judge for yourself. It's like shooting the moon trying to top the 1980 BBC miniseries because every woman knows that Colin Firth IS Mr. Darcy! And no other! I do admit that Keira Knightley is very pretty, but it takes considerable spark and spunk to pull off being the witty, proud Elizabeth Bennett. Give ear to the Mrs. Bennett character, Lizzie's mother, in the preview- she seems like a watered down version of the convincingly obnoxious Mrs. Bennett in the miniseries, and it doesn't work as well. And what's with the almost-kiss between the main characters? Commenting on the older version of the film, an wise adult once said something to the effect that it succeeded in being highly sensual and wonderfully romantic without ever showing any skin or physical touch (i.e. kissing, until the very last shot, and that one was pretty conservative). What a hard thing to do onscreen in the 21st century, and yet, there it was done tastefully. Final say: save your money on this run-of-the-mill remake and you can rent and enjoy the afore mentioned superior 2-disc set on three separate occasions.


Anonymous said...

oh franny, you are so good. i think i will have to purchase that pride and prejudice that we watched oh so long ago in jester west room 494. good times were had by all. and i will probably wait till this new one comes out on video because it will not be the same! miss you love. <3 <3 <3 mary-o

f. said...

helloo future roommate!
i'll be your grammar groupie.
in the meantime, i'll be hanging up on callers all over the place..
are you working a lot? schooling a lot then?

love, your future roommie