Friday, June 03, 2005

June Pilot

OK, a few photos up. Link on the right.


Anonymous said...

That IS a short haircut... but no shorter than last summer's, is it? Hey guess who's in town this weekend? Fine I'll tell you. NORA. And Sarah Casterline is visiting the Klatts because they got jobs here for the summer. I actually get to work with Jesse on a project we're doing together. Sorry for basically writing you an e-mail on your comment section. Heart, Erin

mcoker said...

dude, your hair looks fine. not like a boy's at all

J*Rob said...

How fun are those!!!

P.S.: I see that you spend all your time smoking and wearing the red Weezer shirt, miss. Good to see you're spending your time well.

f. said...

Hey j, are you h-town nowadays? ooh, as for those pictures, it's not what it looks like! haha! hope you are doing well, sir.
thanks m