Thursday, June 30, 2005

Blank slate

Listening to: "Come On Feel The ILLINOISE"

I was chatting with my high school valedictorian/friend last night and after admitting that I took no high level math classes in college, he suggested that I take some (like abstract algebra) and teach them to my future students. Seeing as how I would probably be teaching kids simple arithmetic, I gently disagreed. But he persisted in encouraging me to become an outstanding educator who would explain the whys and not just teach the whats so that they would have a foundation for all math and science. Hella hard! But it would be base of me not to take on this noble effort. Now if someone would only instruct me how to do that exactly..


Anonymous said...

hello deary! i just wanted you to know that i lovvvved looking at your recent pictures. it looks like you were having a ball! i can't wait to see you! my heart misses Fran! Love ya ~Nora

Anonymous said...

Franceslove, Do you really think that you HAVE to take a higher level class in order to be able to explain the "whys" to elementary age students? Yes, strive for excellence, but I feel like this guy is making you feel guilty for NOT taking a class you don't need to take...and that's not good. <3 Erinhazel

f. said...

No, but I do have to make the effort to understand and master how to teach it. Hm, good insight though. Guess it's the School of Education's problem, not mine.

Hi Nora~ you are too sweet. Hope to see you soon too!

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