Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Listening to: The Magic Numbers! "Love's A Game." Apparently even your mom and grandma will like this stuff (assuming they're American).

Highlights from the Northwest:
- Being impressed by American Airlines, their inflight radio stations featured some very up and coming or hypey bands, like Bloc Party, Everything But the Girl, the Dukhs, Husky Rescue, the Decemberists, Prefuse 73, Robbers On High Street, Clem Snide, A Girl Called Eddy, Lemon Jelly, and Aqualung. Hats off to them.
- Eating excellent Chinese food plus getting to have some of that Cantonese fare.
- Driving along the 405 in Seattle and then realizing that DCfC made a song about it, which I own. It's a subtle charmer.
- Eating maple syrup cookies.
- Blasting the Pixies and Junior Boys in a humongous house in which we stayed.
- Breathing mountainy fresh clean air every day.
- The awesome skinny mirror in the hallway.
- Hearing little kids speaking Chinese. It's too cute, really, I could hardly take it.
- Hanging out at Vancouver's Stanley Park- raccoon, comedic shuttle driver, hollow tree, Guinness Bridge, field trip children, dense foliage and all.
- Checking out the Zelda ocarinas at a stand at Seattle's Pike Place Market.
- Wearing a snowboarding helmet while riding a pink little girl bike around their neighborhood. Loved the stares. Amazing what you will let yourself get away with when your visage is hidden.

I really felt like watching Willy Wonka (the new one) the whole week, but it doesn't come out til the 15th. Movie stars are no heroes, but I'm starting to develop more and more respect for Mr. Depp as an actor. What a successful weirdo!

Purchased a 10" Toca Percussion djembe today. It should be coming in the mail in the next week. I've already been developing beats on various makeshift practice areas, like my thighs, a huge plastic bubble, bongos, and hard tables. The goal is expression, not perfection. Which is also another excuse I use to validate my laziness.

In the news, bill passed that gives teachers in Texas a raise. Yeah! Maybe I won't have to move to Connecticut after all. I really wish the US would grow a brain and start paying their educators a lot more money. Not so much because I'm in anguish over the measly paycheck, but that America's youth, in their most formative years, are in their hands. Look to the future! I read another article awhile back about how we are having to recruit foreign engineers, scientists and other smart people because there's not enough of them here to fill some jobs that require a high level of intelligence.

Apparently, while the North Pole is melting fast and losing glaciers, the South Pole is simultaneously freezing up, which means the earth will be lopsided.

OK, gonna go upload the most fanciful pictures of the week onto PHOTOGS. Get ready.


J*Rob said...

Maple Syrup cookies sound really good.

Can't wait to hear you on the djembe!

My mother is getting a whole lot more money (as a teacher) by switching to another school district, even though the cost of living is the same in the new area. You should check around.

Anonymous said...

i am so glad you are back franny. just think, in about a month we will be sharing a HOUSE together.

f. said...

oh, thanks, but don't get too excited John. i'll try to lay down some good beats for ruf though maybe. yeah, i plan to check around, haven't decided where I want to go. thanks Mary-o. I'm excited toooooo. I think I'll go down a bit earlier to paint my room. You'll be there by then, eh?

mcoker said...

what color are you going to paint your room?

f. said...

I was thinking either a dark blue or a teal, if I can find one that's snazzy enough. But overall I'm not so sure. Never painted a room before.

Anonymous said...

i think we have to get the colors oked with the carter's. i got the lease today but i have to go pick it up from the post. then i am going to go to them and see if i can start to move my stuff in the last week of july. and also talk to them about paint. i dunno what color i want! i want something neato though. maybe the lime green. i really liked that. something happy.
<3<3<3 mary-o

f. said...

that's true. sherwin williams is having a sale this weekend, maybe we can save the Carter's some $. maybe I'll mail them some color samples or something. kk wants to do her's mint green. I guess everyone knows that green and blue are the best colors.

mcoker said...

green and blue are beautiful. at Lowes, they have a line of Nickelodeon colors. I usually find some pretty sweet stuff there.