Thursday, June 09, 2005

In But Not Of, Sort Of

For the girls:

I don't normally drool over celebrities and waste any breath discussing them, but today I came across a photo shoot of actor Jason Behr (remember him from WB's show "Roswell", pretty forgettable) which was surprisingly good, if you know what I mean. Good looking man! I put a few up on my Yahoo photo site for you to sample. OK, that's enough breath.

Oh, realized that descriptions were allowed. So be looking for newly updated descriptions in my photo page.

For everyone:

Thought about starting to watch select TV series, getting hooked, you might say. I hear they have been coming out with some excellent ones in the past few years. But I always end my TV viewing sessions feeling quite empty, unproductive and unmotivated. It has to beat that to be worth my time and devotion.
On another note, something that's been gnawing at my conscience is how can we help stop the genocide going on in Africa?


mcoker said...

help africa?

tv is awesome!!!!!! i watch the OC religiously. i'm completely, utterly addicted to the damn show. aside from that, i never watch tv though. I hear "Lost" is a good one. The season is over, but I hear they're playing all of the episodes over again before the second season starts. I think the first episode was last night.

f. said...

I'll probably end up renting a series or two from blockbuster or something. I watched the OC once- it was a lot better than I thought it was gonna be. I kinda wanna catch Real World Austin just cuz, but I hear it's pretty lame. Oh well, Austin's a nice looking town in which to shoot a reality show.

mcoker said...

yeah. is that show on? i've seen the people around town a few times. i would like to see our city from MTV's perspective. that sounds pretty neat

Anonymous said...

frances, this is erin. i laughed audibly upon seeing your pics of jason, only because i wouldn't expect you to put up that sort of thing. you are too much. okay. <3