Saturday, June 04, 2005

Insight Doesn't Equal Repentance

listening to "jerusalem" + mirah
"tearing in my heart" + sunny day real estate

Returned home from worship team practice and then a bit of tennis at dusk. Am in kind of a sulky mood and cursing myself for it. I was pretty frustrated after the hour long practice we had at church. It was very last minute slapped together but the thing that really irked me and my "reformed" heart were the songs. After doing RUF for two years and growing to love those new old hymns, I've picked up a dislike for most contemporary praise and worship songs (we don't sing those at RUF). So here's a dilemma, my musical ability is much needed on the team this summer, but I don't really enjoy playing or singing many of those songs. I almost feel like a traitor when I don't emotionally climax with the rest of the folks, like on "Here I Am To Worship," for example. My mom remarked that I was being a big selfish baby. Well, OK it's not about doing things my way and with my preferences. But where's GarageBand when you need it?
Curse my selfish pride!


Joce said...

=( Sorry Franceeees! I don't see why we can't do old hymns for worship too. Why don't we why don't we!

f. said...

aw jobby, you're too sweet. hey, we should hang out now that you're back. and play songs together!

Johnny! said...

heyy's ole johnny! i love reading your posts and i especially love Mirahs Jerusalem!

contemporary music blows...I can understand your disdain for it.

keep on writing!

f. said...

hey man! thanks man! how's the ole' collegio? wait, that means hs in spanish doesn't it. still making music? liked those beach pictures of yours, i suspect you are home now?