Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Don't Run With A Gun

Does anyone want to let me borrow these albums, 'cuz I haven't heard them and I'd like to!

Modest Mouse + "The Moon And Antarctica"
Rilo Kiley + anything but "More Adventurous"
Bedhead + "Transaction De Novo"
Sunny Day Real Estate + "The Rising Tide" -> revisiting emo!
Pixies + "Doolittle" -> friend says that a lot of new stuff I like is influenced by this band. I know it's true.

The Doors + S/T
Bob Dylan + "Blonde On Blonde"

Any more recommendations? This list is all about the old(er), since I seem to have skipped out on all that influential stuff during my unborn, elementary school, and snobbiest years.


Houston this weekend, finally! Along with getting to see Of Montreal play live, I get to hang with my college besties and enjoy the good part of town. What more could I ask for?

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