Friday, June 03, 2005

A Quarter Past Shite

The subject is good website titles. Along with the that one, I also like Music Is My Boyfriend.

What are your favorites?

Do Japanese animators ever gross themselves out?
"Oh yeah, it took me a long time to finish the drawings of this particular scene in the movie, because the fresh human entrails sliding off the wall into a pile of old eyeballs just looked so real and I kept vomiting on my drawing board.."

How is it that the Japanese make the goriest, most disturbing, whacked out movies?


mcoker said...

i like a quarter past shite.
my title used to be "where internet goes to kick ass"

and are you considering scat movies? that's gotta be the absolute most vile stuff I've ever seen. and it takes quite a bit to gross me out!

f. said...

Scat movies? Don't know what those are. I was referring to some reviews I read about the "all night long" series. I don't watch disturbing movies, I read about them b/c I have a very low child-like tolerance for gore.

f. said...

yeah ok that's gross

Anonymous said...

Woahhhh, francesbaby you've been posting out the wazoo lately... and it's quite fun. Don't you feel honored that you have devoted readers, like mcoker and my mom? ~Erinhazel

f. said...

yes I do, babies. I can never tell how much your momma reads though since she comments infrequently. hope she doesn't think I'm dumb.

mcoker said...

isn't it amazing how comma placement can TOTALLY change the meaning of a phrase?
yes i do, babies
yes, i do babies

f. said...

good eye! yes, I noticed that too, but it won't offend my peeps since we call each other babies all the time